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Vita, 2014-11-04
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salem, 2014-12-09
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Guest, 2014-10-30
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Andri Indrawan, 2014-11-03
- Nice mining game. I like It. This cools dude...
glen , 2014-11-17
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kerimun, 2014-11-28
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john, 2014-11-01
- why I am getting only 2 or 4 icons to be clicked..?
Alexandr, 2014-11-09
- Good day! dear miners Anybody can throw a link to a screenshot of withdrawal of money. Thanks, big earnings
Harold, 2015-01-05
- How is the Site? Is profitable or Not?
- Your activities are commendable. I love your site. please keep the good work going.
Hammed, 2014-11-14
- I wish mining but do not do understand the technique
vinezya, 2014-11-24
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sathit, 2014-10-28
- site! I LOVE IT
maikl, 2014-12-03
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Guest, 2014-11-12
- quote" Christopher, 2014-11-02 - good site only thing is they need to have a way to collect if you cant logon every 8 hours if it could accumulate it would help other than that it is a good way to make a little extra awesome" it accumulates up to 5 boxes (5x8 hours)
nyaron, 2014-11-16
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Anony, 2014-10-31
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clifford, 2014-11-22
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Ирина, 2014-11-19
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Omid Navid, 2014-12-31
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fewafwe, 2014-10-29
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enjoypol, 2014-11-16
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leeori, 2014-11-13
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imamkucle, 2014-11-05
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shgawa66, 2014-11-29
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- I've made a huge WITHDRAW for the 3-rd time. The BTC were in my wallet for about 5 minutes. And even though the system says there is a fee of 0.0005 BTC as a matter of fact there is none. My last withdraw was for 0.00678620 BTC and this was exactly what i've got. No fees at all. One more time guys - GOOD JOB (y) Thank you!
Ryzrk, 2014-12-15
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Tiago, 2014-11-11
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ledinhduy67, 2014-11-20
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Nikolai, 2014-11-19
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Guest, 2014-10-29, 2014-10-29
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Bitkidd1, 2014-11-21
- Ore mine looks to become one of the popular Bitcoin faucets/programs that will be a common name on the Bitcoin platform.
MrmappyINOF, 2014-11-02
- Great site! But you need to tone-down the minimum withdraw
mora, 2014-12-31
- Happy New Year Ore-mine.... SuCCES 2015 :)
Marcos, 2014-11-02
- Esta es una exceclente minería los invito a participar...
rido alpredo, 2014-11-09
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alex132, 2014-10-28
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Mantas, 2014-11-24
- Is this site pay?
Muh Nur, 2015-01-02
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a girl who wants your d, 2014-10-29
- this is a good site, but very slow
getpaidtoday, 2015-01-04
- Interesting mining site. Strategy - Buy 1 of the highest level mine you are comfortable with. For me this is level 3, only .01BTC. Reinvest mining earnings to fill in lower level mines and grow income. If this site still exists after lower levels are full, buy 1 of the next level using income to complete the level you started on. Rinse and repeat for each level. Extra credit: Advertise on inexpensive PTC sites for referrals. Start a Facebook Fan or group page for players to communicate. Pray that the price of BTC skyrockets. If you wish to join me, http://
dipoaja01, 2014-11-12
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Анатолий, 2014-11-01
- Сайт прекрасный. но почему нет инструкции или правил. это затрудняет продвижение.
abc, 2014-11-02
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Carl aying , 2014-10-31
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Elena, 2014-12-14
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Макс, 2014-11-04
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alekseys, 2014-12-31
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puklek, 2015-01-04
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ahmaul, 2014-11-12
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greotanov, 2014-10-27
- hey, i am grateful, that i found this virtual mine. already upgraded 1st three levels... regular withdraws! :)
FAZAR, 2014-12-28
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Udin Penyok, 2014-11-08
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AllTipsBiz, 2014-12-07
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hugofranco, 2014-12-15
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gilakk, 2014-11-22
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sahib, 2015-01-04
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Сергей, 2014-11-15
- Здравствуйте. Благодарю организаторов этого сайта, все очень просто и понятно. Самое главное чтоб работали очень долго без сбоев и развивались в дальнейшем.
Russell, 2014-11-04
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udin aslam, 2014-11-08
- Very nice game bitcoin, everyone succesfully
amri77, 2014-11-10
- mantap gan :D
kuldip singh mengi, 2014-11-30
- i want to know about the ore-mine, as how he works.plse explain any one who knows as i am newbie
gufff777, 2014-12-01
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Aleksandr, 2014-11-28
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urok, 2014-10-30
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iip GANTENG, 2015-01-06
- bro, situs ini masih paying apa ga ? pengen invest tapi ngeri.. :D
questions, 2015-01-04
- This looks like its great, but two questions 1. How does production work? I have 12 now, and nothing looks to be different than when I had 8 2. Do you not get anything from referral collection? Because two of my referrals claimed rewards but I did not receive payment Thanks!
Hayzar, 2014-12-24
- With this site Christmas is every day!
michanya79, 2014-12-29
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Ososober, 2014-10-28
- at least there some one else here, i guess this is ok site for bitcoin, different though
Krovarius, 2014-11-07
- Что непонятно вам какие инструкции надо? ут даже ребёнку понятно должно быть! покупаешь шахту и добываешь плюс получаешь регулярно бонусы ! и ещё одно окупаемость шахты 4 с половиной месяца
SEMAR, 2014-11-24
Smasher, 2014-11-10
- Когда первый раз сюда попал - глазам не поверил! И почему все майнинг-проекты не делать подобным образом? Проще было бы. Сайт - реально бомба!!!
Ahsan Meraj, 2014-10-27
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dipoaja, 2014-11-12
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Omid Navid, 2014-11-28
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Canek, 2014-11-09
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jloomis, 2014-12-05
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Gotti, 2014-12-09
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Renols, 2014-10-29
- I do love the idea of this site. But, referred user will bring you 6% affiliate reward ? No explanation and you do not get paid when they click. you can not Se any stats on them so no fun in signing people up. improvement is needed.
Adi, 2014-12-04
- I love this site, but why there is no autocollect? I always not active 3 days a week, and I just got 5x my production value, the other value is lost..
Mike, 2014-10-28
- Cool site!
Abel Gouveia, 2014-12-12
- What a grait game!!! Keep beeng cool!
kriss, 2014-11-23
- Create a mine on Litecoin and Darkcoin
Jose , 2014-12-07
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Guillermo, 2014-12-10
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Arsen, 2014-11-09
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Chris Cooper, 2014-11-05
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sambit 2014-27-12, 2014-12-27
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rebell, 2014-12-23
- No one has the sense to explain how this works
illidan, 2014-11-05
- excellent site.. :)
rizal639, 2014-11-03
- Very nice. Thumb up
Alan, 2014-11-11
- Mantap. Belum pernah deposit tapi sudah bisa beli level 1. Semoga bisa buat beli level berikutnya lagi secara gratis. :)
MadDog, 2014-11-29
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Paolo, 2014-11-17
- Best site!!! I love it!
ReDmiR, 2014-11-01
- Hello hello bitcoin!
Diddy, 2014-10-28
- pls post payment proofs here so whe can see that this is legit, ty.
Dede Alan, 2014-11-18
- Situs mining yang sangat bagus.
jasur, 2014-11-01
- good but it really takes up to much time
abigor, 2015-01-02
- Как пополнить баланс?куда и какой адрес вводить?
maamor matzain, 2014-12-14
- Hello apa kabar saya orang malaysia kalau ada yg sudi add nama saya dalam facebook.
Yogibear, 2014-11-18
- This site got me on my feet. I am excited to mine and excited to gamble on PrimeDice. Awesome to see familiar faces... Imean names. Love you Amanku <3
gnuga10, 2014-11-09
- i love you
faiza khan, 2014-11-28
- hello friends i need a help . i really dont know how to work on that site can any one please tell me how to earn please????
fdeabreu2u, 2014-12-10
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Lexa, 2014-11-22
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Poland, 2014-11-06
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firman, 2014-11-11
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Smasher, 2014-12-19
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Roro Freeman, 2015-01-02
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umporn, 2014-11-04
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Nam, 2014-12-27
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Rosie, 2015-01-04
- This is a great btc miner game, I am now up to level 4. Payouts are great and I have withdrawn btc many times over the past couple of months.Great work ore mine.:)
Marc , 2014-10-28
- Like the instant payout
Mohamed, 2014-11-28
- cooool!!
seba, 2014-11-07
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20eung, 2014-11-16
- It's Nice and thanks.
joban, 2014-11-07
- how to play
mumu, 2015-01-02
- appears when the hammer that mean? can anyone tell me?
imrantahir053, 2014-11-29
- How long a mine will keep working?
stanko, 2014-11-06
- super program
dj, 2014-11-17
- can sum one explain this Production: 2 100 000 Price: 10 BTC ( $1088.63 monthly ) ( $3872 per mine ) to me its missing a few 2.10000000 has any one invested in this and can confirm the the 8 hour pay out on it thank you
ask something, 2014-12-01
- yeah good !!
devit, 2014-11-22
- love it
Kris - 1PgRX9TzJwEP5Y4s9eZ97rQov5mTbU5HAH, 2014-11-07
- Very good site. I like how you have made a game of mining! I have been in since the beginning and next upgrade is level 3 :0)
Arvin, 2014-12-19
- Anyone here from indonesian?
suresh, 2014-11-02
- Please maintain the history of deposit and withdrawal seperatly for reference. Daytoday rate of BTC in USD to be displayed in site may help every visitors.
FritzsHero, 2014-10-30
- Only one word: AWESOME!
iron70, 2014-11-25
- собираешь ежедневный бонус и покупаешь шахты. Я инвестировал этот проект. Все прекрасно получается. Первый крестик реферальная ссылка. Второй крестик шахты. Нажимая на знак вопроса получаешь случайные призы. Все элементарно.
jk, 2014-11-19
- Can you give me Btc.?
gonfischer, 2014-11-12
- newbie here..this site seems awesome feed back more later
ADJI INDONESIA, 2014-11-08
- website ini sebenarnya hanya mengendalikan bitcoin kita saja untuk meningkatkan level digunakan bitcoin untuk membeli produksi butuh waktu yang lama agar bisa mengembalikan modal awal bitcoin
chris, 2014-12-16
- very nice have did numurous withdrawels with no problem working level 5 very nice
Rastanzshare™, 2014-11-12
- It's Great.. Yeahh... ;D
ффы, 2014-12-05
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MALIK ANWAR ZIA, 2015-01-04
amanku, 2014-10-29
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Paying, 2014-11-09
zevaka2012, 2015-01-04
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private office, 2014-11-03
- please assist me to activate my account so that I can use it to send bulk emails to my clients
vitaliy, 2015-01-03
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Mfs, 2014-11-10
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cobraK, 2014-11-12
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juan carlos, 2014-10-27
- Es una buena pagina de minería me facina :)
ciciarisa, 2014-12-13
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Aleksandr, 2014-11-14
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mon, 2014-12-24
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ADJI , 2014-11-10
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Powablocks, 2015-01-04
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Royal Minyak, 2014-12-30
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Юрий, 2015-01-05
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The420train , 2014-12-02
- This site makes this stuff fun and it's hard to make it fun thank's guy's.
Heru Setyawan, 2014-10-31
- Mantaph gan... Meskipun belom naek level ama belom withdraw ikut manteph ajah dah kayak yg diatas wkakkakaa.. :v /
MB, 2014-12-06
- very easy to start , take my link you will make me happy
Sean , 2014-10-30
- This mine is awesome, 2015-01-05
- The withdrawal fee is high, but otherwise I like the concept.
SanyCH, 2014-11-28
- Все доступно и понятно. Пополнял-выводил, выплаты мгновенные. Уже 3 уровень все работает исправно. Работал бы подольше...
yuschapunk, 2014-11-01
- i dont understand please help me sir
we dont spy, 2014-11-22
- ini tambang yg modalnya paling murah dan gw berharap ini bukan scam. jika ada orang indonesia tolong chating chating
Mila, 2014-11-17
- somebody tell pls, what is the profit with 4th level?
sule tarabalaga, 2014-11-03
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ridha, 2014-12-19
- it's quit good you have to try it
AllTipsBiz, 2014-12-05
- I've just made a successful withdraw of 0.01534991 BTC and recommend Ore Mine to anyone. Good job guys.
Ahmed Raza, 2014-12-02
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Алексей, 2014-10-31
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Сергей, 2014-11-15
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plyg78, 2014-11-02
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jay cool, 2014-11-09
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italiano, 2014-11-30
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sidy, 2014-11-09
- sou novo,tem site que deposita, e não conseguimos usar a moeda. esse depositei e conseguir usar aqui, bom estou esperando pra ver se realmente a gente recebe, se funciona vou investir, dando uma chance pra esse site, assim como fiz em outros.
Strahinja, 2014-10-28
- Awesome site!!! Only thing that is bad is 0.0005 fee...:(
inmortal6000, 2014-11-06
- parece buena idea, este tipo de minado, mas adelante si veo que es de confianza, invertire bastante gracias...
Bufuzius, 2014-11-29
- Nice idea, I like Ore Mine!
Other Coin, 2015-01-03
- Cek :
anna, 2014-12-22
- This mine looks good and friendly.
donydamara, 2014-11-16
- awesome
brayden guy, 2014-10-27
- best site ever
Al, 2014-10-31
- Got. To figure this out
med, 2014-10-30
- я не понимаю как зарабатывать,нет никаких инструкций)может кто нить подсказать?)
teqti, 2014-11-22
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Lahiru, 2014-10-27
- Nice mining game I like It
myxach, 2014-11-04
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Ed, 2014-12-21
- Hot, Hot,Hot Site....
Pedro, 2014-11-30
- Muito Bom mais lento
Yohan, 2014-11-20
- Good...!!! saya orang sunda. ada orang sunda disini?
dj, 2014-12-16
- - 0.0005 fee is bad for the people who only have the first few mins levels open thy should have a lower fee as they ant take in to muck from there 8 hours dispenses so should have a much lower fee .and there should be more infmation on the site how it works like the bounce s what the pick akcs means and each different coins value and mining ore should just be basic value what do you all think lets all give feed back so thy may come up with better ideas for the site and help it grow and attracted more people
Omid Navid, 2014-10-28
- It's User Friendly and you know how to deposit, mine and withdraw easily. i hope it stays in shape for a long time
Hayzar, 2014-12-06
- Now if they could put this idea up as or setup as an exchange WOW!
New arriver, 2014-11-03
- Hello everybody, Could someone can tell me more about the payouts ? Is the withdrawal of funds easy and quick ? Could you also please tell me more about the possible profits on this website. I'm not able to understand the plans listed here : As I already lost some BTC by investing in new websites who where only scam, I would like to read some positives feedbacks these next months before investing. Have a very nice week, T.
oresome, 2015-01-03
- Long Live ore-mine 2015 the ::BEst
Gotti, 2014-12-14
- Отличный сайт! выплаты Мгновенные!..Присоединяйтесь Все! Это лучше всяких Хайпов.!!
rhe, 2015-01-02
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snypoon, 2014-11-07
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muhammad ashraf, 2014-11-24
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gadd matt, 2014-11-11
bob marley, 2014-10-30
- i have just started but think this is a good site. My only problem is that it's very slow to mine but it's a good site.
Ahmet ISIK, 2014-11-19
- Cok guzel bir websitesi. Aninda odeme, uzun suredir ayakta. Yoneticilere tesekkurler..
Tabarish, 2014-10-31
- It is very good site. come on...
yedi5656, 2014-11-28
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yohan, 2014-11-13
- Orang sunda mau ikutan nambang bitcoin dari sini aah.. lumayan kanggo kapayuna meser mobil...hahaha... :D
Randen, 2014-11-03
- i like your website a lot!!!!
hindriya, 2014-11-15
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bayawak, 2014-11-23
- cara kerjanya gimana ne? Anank bayawak harap merapat
Sega, 2014-12-24
- v0vchik, кирка добавляет 1 сатоши к каждому сбору (каждые 8 часов), серебряная монета единовременно добавляет 100 сатоши, золотая монета 1000 сатоши.
NEEB, 2014-11-18
- wondering about this one
chava rock, 2014-12-08
- Muy buen sitio para obtener bitcins pasivamente, aunque algo lento, pero es seguro. Los pagos son muy rapidos. Solo que el impuesto para retirar es muuuuy alto, de ahi en fuera es muy bueno el sitio. ¿Alguien ha alcanzado el nivel 7?
макс , 2014-11-04
- на 5 с плюсом
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v0vchik, 2014-12-15
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