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Guest, 2014-10-27
- It's a very nice site! I LOVE IT
Abel Gouveia, 2014-10-31
- A nice site for begining!!!
Kraycon, 2014-10-29
- Awesome site to earn passive bitcoins. Only the 0.0005 transaction fee is a bit to high.
fewafwe, 2014-10-29
- good!!!
greotanov, 2014-10-27
- Hey, i am grateful, that i found this virtual mine. Already upgraded 1st three levels... Regular withdraws! :)
Omid Navid, 2014-10-28
- It's User Friendly and you know how to deposit, mine and withdraw easily. I hope it stays in shape for a long time
med, 2014-10-30
- я не понимаю как зарабатывать,нет никаких инструкций)может кто нить подсказать?)
Алексей, 2014-10-31
- Привет местным Майнерам ! Сайт БОМБА , выплаты происходят мгновенно !!! Админу респект
sathit, 2014-10-28
- site! I LOVE IT
yuschapunk, 2014-11-01
- i dont understand please help me sir
Marcos, 2014-11-02
- Esta es una exceclente minería los invito a participar...
Osi, 2014-10-28
- AND I love this
Ososober, 2014-10-28
- at least there some one else here, i guess this is ok site for bitcoin, different though
Sean , 2014-10-30
- This mine is awesome
Anonymous, 2014-11-01
- How can i transfer this account to my credit card
juan carlos, 2014-10-27
- Es una buena pagina de minería me facina :)
Al, 2014-10-31
- Got. To figure this out
Guest, 2014-11-01
- 0.0005 fee is bad
brayden guy, 2014-10-27
- best site ever
Mihail, 2014-10-30
- Я пока на первый уровень, в будущем посмотрю как будет работать этот сайт, а пока ничего.
a girl who wants your d, 2014-10-29
- this is a good site, but very slow
Александр, 2014-10-31
- Я доволен сайтом!!!
max, 2014-10-29
- super! i like it
Guest, 2014-10-29, 2014-10-29
- Truly I have a Full Level 2 Miners, now I am on the boost on my first Level 3 miner...Godspeed....
john, 2014-11-01
- why I am getting only 2 or 4 icons to be clicked..?
Renols, 2014-10-29
- I do love the idea of this site. But, referred user will bring you 6% affiliate reward ?
Ososober, 2014-10-30
- ive made a withdrawal successfully site seems legit
alex132, 2014-10-28
- отличный сайт просто супер
amanku, 2014-10-29
- love this sites trusted!!!!!!
Lahiru, 2014-10-27
- Nice mining game. I like It
urok, 2014-10-30
- сайт БОМБА
SLA, 2014-10-29
- It's a very nice site!
Marc , 2014-10-28
- Like the instant payout
jasur, 2014-11-01
- good but it really takes up to much time
Christopher, 2014-11-02
- good site only thing is they need to have a way to collect if you cant logon every 8 hours if it could accumulate it would help other than that it is a good way to make a little extra awesome
Strahinja, 2014-10-28
- Awesome site!!! Only thing that is bad is 0.0005 fee...:(
iman hedi guntara , 2014-10-28
- Very very nice!!! Free get my account bonus please :D
Ahsan Meraj, 2014-10-27
- Now i have join this site i think this site will good for me in future.
Tabarish, 2014-10-31
- It is very good site. come on...
FritzsHero, 2014-10-30
- Only one word: AWESOME!
ReDmiR, 2014-11-01
- Hello hello bitcoin!
tasmani, 2014-10-31
- I can't understand how works
Анатолий, 2014-11-01
- Сайт прекрасный. но почему нет инструкции или правил. это затрудняет продвижение.
plyg78, 2014-11-02
- Норма шахта
Heru Setyawan, 2014-10-31
- Mantaph gan... Meskipun belom naek level ama belom withdraw ikut manteph ajah dah kayak yg diatas wkakkakaa.. :v /
bob marley, 2014-10-30
- i have just started but think this is a good site. My only problem is that it's very slow to mine but it's a good site.
Anony, 2014-10-31
- Looking legit
Carl aying , 2014-10-31
- very Awesome site!!!!! :-) :-$
terrorpunk, 2014-10-28
- It`s a very good site When is site withdraw then it is perfect
Diddy, 2014-10-28
- pls post payment proofs here so whe can see that this is legit, ty.
bryan, 2014-10-29
- LEGIT! My only suggestion is to upgrade the picture of the mine with each level
Mike, 2014-10-28
- Cool site!
Guest, 2014-10-30
- I love this
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